We help to increase your sales

We help our clients to increase their sales. Whenever a product lands in a shopping basket, it’s the result of a successful process.

As a specialist for the POS (point of sale), COMBERA offers recommendations and concepts at every point along the marketing chain for successful implementation of products in the marketplace.

All COMBERA divisions offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for sell-in, sell-through, fill-in, and sell-out to the retail and the branded goods industry.

COMBERA - Your POS Solutions Agency

The interaction of all COMBERA Divisions leads to solutions encompassing analysis, concept, and field-supported implementation. Sales- oriented personnel services, which can be used across all channels and product categories, are an essential element therein. COMBERA is one of the leading providers of services in sales outsourcing in Germany and Europe.


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POS Intelligence

COMBERA POS Intelligence designs, implements, and supervises EDP-supported client, sales, and marketing information systems for consistent and comprehensive reporting.

As an IT specialist, we analyze existing information systems and interfaces with surrounding IT. Together with our clients, we develop concepts for new systems.

A constantly maintained, cutting-edge retail database enables the most accurate planning of retail visits in Germany with higher efficiency of sales drives, without missed visits, and with client-specific evaluations of activities according to sales channels and types, accounts, areas, regions, etc.


The POS marketing specialist with the entire range of services provided by a full-service advertising agency, supplemented by the unique marketing and sales know-how of all the COMBERA divisions!


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Road shows, sales-boosting promotional activities, samplings, and events are essential elements of marketing activities by industry and trade. Important: excellent consultancy skills, exact preparation, professional execution, quality assurance on all levels, and timely reporting tailored to customer needs. Nationwide implementation – no matter what sales channel or product category.


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The only German award for successful and innovative POS marketing of European importance. An award from the POS Marketing Association e.V. (POSMA).

  • 2015 SILVER: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2014 GOLD: BRITA®
  • 2014 BRONZE: BRITA®
  • 2011 BRONZE: Paramount
  • 2010 BRONZE: Kleenex
  • 2009 BRONZE: Mövenpick
  • 2009 BRONZE: Breitsamer
  • 2008 BRONZE: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 SILVER: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 BRONZE: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2007 SILVER: Chiquita
  • 2006 SILVER: Kleenex
  • 2001 SILVER: 12Move
  • 2001 BRONZE: Shell Optimax

Display Superstar
The award of the display publishing house for the german POS marketing industry.

  • 2016 BRONZE: COMPO GmbH

The Innovation Award of the German Printing industry.

  • 2014 GOLD: Kaeserei Champignon

German Sales Promotion Prize
Important award for successful sales promotion measures of the Berufsverband der Verkaufsförderer und Trainer e.V. (BDVT), awarded since 2008.

  • 2008 GOLD: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 SILVER: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2008 BRONZE: Chiquita
  • 2007 SILVER: Chiquita
  • 2006 SILVER: Kleenex
  • 2005 SILVER: Fürstenberg
  • 2002 SILVER: Wasa
  • 2001 SILVER: Shell


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