At COMBERA, POS media can be selected through an extremely innovative planning module: supported with current retail and market research data on the macro and micro level.

Planning and booking of all POS media by COMBERA POS specialists.

These POS media are available:

  • Billboards 18/1
  • In-store radio
  • In-store TV, impulse TV
  • Shelf displays and screens
  • Advertising on shopping carts
  • Floor graphics
  • Door media
  • Advertising at gas stations

Target group selection:

  • Age
  • Singles (share)
  • HH income
  • Purchasing power index
  • Percentage of foreigners (HH)
  • Company (size, industry)
  • Cars (number, brands)
  • Building data

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to your questions: Philipp Riediger, Tel +49 89 55107-223

or mediaplaner(at)