Integrated product marketing – from pure sales in the desired sales channels and sell-through on the outlet level to sell-out to the shopper – that’s what our business is all about!

As a POS marketing specialist, we develop sales-oriented and creative POS promotions for all levels of the marketing chain, no matter what product segment or sales channel.

Know-how and services in detail:


  • POS marketing strategiesPre-tests for products and campaigns (store checks, store tests, eye tracking)


  • Commercial communication (key-account presentations, trade ads)Retail motivation (merchant incentive programs and merchant incentives)


  • Retail sales documents (sales folders, merchant mailings)Distribution sales documents (sales and shop manuals)


  • POS communication (POS advertising materials, ads, posters, brochures, online, digital signage, social media)
  • POS display (promotional, semi-permanent, permanent) POS visibility (shelf/special placement, category placements, shop-in-shop solutions) POS launch and relaunch
  • POS promotion (seasonal, theme, loyalty, online, tailor-made, personal and event promotions, sampling campaigns)
  • Promotion mechanisms (couponing, cross-link, contests, hard selling, in-packs and on-packs, extras, strategic cooperations)
  • POS media (consulting, conception and planning)


  • Measuring efficiency of the promotion

Special Services:

  • 360° networking: Integration of POS marketing campaigns into all relevant communication disciplines (ATL, ambient media, outdoor advertising, dialog marketing, public relations, online, social media)
  • Handling: Campaign insurance, contest and response handling
  • Logistics: Packaging, storage, shipping
  • POS know-how: Workshops and training sessions