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Mobile Merchandising is one of the most interesting developments in sales outsourcing in recent years. A combination of sales, placement, modification, shelf-service activities, and data collection offers maximum benefit per stop.

Service activities range from stock replenishment, planogram implementation and resets, inventory service, placement of POS material, retrofitting, and setting up of secondary placements to even performing sales and category management tasks. Tasks for a client can be allocated full-time or part-time as well as customized regionally. The staff comprise merchandisers allocated to one outlet only as well as mobile merchandisers who cover a defined region and have their own vehicle, home storage, and EDP equipment.


COMBERA’s mobile merchandisers are used for specialized activities like complete POS placement including visibility material, shop window decorations, modifications, and retrofitting. They work according to a fixed schedule and predefined route planning.

Depending on the task and clients’ needs, costs will be invoiced either per visit, per day, or per performed task (in consideration of the amount of time needed to accomplish this task). Traveling expenses will be added proportionally. Exact costs are calculated after detailed briefing of required activities. Usually between two and 15 visits a day per mobile merchandiser can take place.



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