COMBERA Sales Academy

The essential element of sales success is a sales organization that is qualified, both continuously and systematically.

COMBERA Sales Academy (CSA) guarantees this with training programs focused on practice, goals, and results – and with effective instruments to qualify sales reps.  CSA has successfully trained COMBERA’s various sales reps for years – for diverse lines of business and sales channels. Customized and according to specific needs – from sales rep to executive.

Training sessions are carried out by a field-tested team of trainers with many years of experience as specialists and executives both in sales and training. What’s particularly appealing, above all, is the extremely fair price-performance ratio.

We train, you profit!

Systematic Sales Success

A sales organization is successful when all the gears mesh smoothly. We make sure this happens by qualifying the entire sales team in a systematic integrated way – from sales rep to executive! 

Our training sessions and tools are designed for sales reps and executives of both regional and national field organizations.

Sales Training

Training modules for new and experienced sales reps. Goal: to help become a sales professional and increase sales performance. The highlight: training to become a professional “POS client manager.”

Management Training

Bosses become executives who take responsibility for the individual development of their employees and successfully implement this in practice.

Team Development

In sales, it’s not the performance of each individual that counts, but rather the success of the entire team. The seminar contents are customized according to demand.


The sales executive is coached by training on the job. The goal is to professionalize coaching abilities and, in the process, to turn sales reps into sales professionals at the POS.


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