Marketing and sales concepts include the definition of:

  • Relevant target groups, consumers, channels, and outlets
  • Recommendations on assortment mix, pricing; if applicable, equipment/POS infrastructure
  • Supply chain structures
  • Communication activities

Arising questions can be tested and clarified at every stage of the development process by ad hoc field research. Successful implementation is enhanced by COMBERA’s wide range of practical experience on the market and in sales.

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Field Research/Mystery Shopping

Field Research

Field research offers ad hoc studies and mystery shopping, covering test design, field activity, and analysis.

The data collected are made available for the client to process further.

The nationally positioned field research team, which has channel-specific experience, conducts the research. The team is recruited from a nationwide pool of employees, covering double digits of postal codes and a range of telephone interviewers (CATI).

Technical Equipment:

  • Smartphone
  • Internet and email connection

Mystery Shopping

  • Test design

    • Process definition
    • Study design sheet, quota system

  • Fieldwork preparation

    • Recruiting and training of mystery shoppers

  • Performance/processing

    • Monitoring/managing mystery shoppers, daily review of results

  • Evaluation

    • Data processing, analysis, and evaluation