POS Intelligence

COMBERA POS Intelligence designs, implements, and supervises EDP-supported client, sales, and marketing information systems for consistent and comprehensive reporting.

As an IT specialist, we analyze existing information systems and interfaces with surrounding IT. Together with our clients, we develop concepts for new systems.

A constantly maintained, cutting-edge retail database enables the most accurate planning of retail visits in Germany with higher efficiency of sales drives, without missed visits, and with client-specific evaluations of activities according to sales channels and types, accounts, areas, regions, etc.


Range of services

Database Engineering

Development of

  • Sales information systems based on handheld units
  • Customized retail databases and reporting
  • Client-specific, Web-based data processing

Database Managing

  • Address management
  • Sales visits and route planning
  • Optimization of sales areas
  • Data entry:
    - Manual collection
    - Scanners
    - Handheld devices
  • Sales statistics

Database Services

  • Database consulting
  • IT services
  • Data management


Database Managing

Address management for efficient planning of retail visits in Germany.

Essentially, COMBERA works with addresses from its own retail database, which are constantly updated by sales representatives. In addition to increased efficiency of sales drives by avoiding failed appointments, this provides the basis for evaluating results by sales line, sales type, account, area, region, and so on.

This address universe also provides an ideal basis for planning new sales areas and channels that need to be updated. Sales route planning, sales area optimization.

Provided Data:

Store-by-store data with all relevant outlet information.
Order and distribution data, including order history.
Selected additional information.

POS Intelligence / Services

Database Consulting

COMBERA POS Intellicence analyzes existing sales information systems as well as their interfaces to surrounding IT (such as ERP systems). Using the information obtained in this way, Database Consulting creates concepts and specifications for new systems and develops a standardized and consistent reporting system in cooperation with the client.

IT Services

COMBERA POS Intelligence is responsible for the IT used throughout the entire COMBERA network. In particular, this includes network security, fail-safe operation, as well as monitoring the entire system.


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