This division consists of two departments. POS Advertising Agency is a partner to regional, national and international manufacturers of branded goods and retailers with a focus on creative POS communication that boosts sales at all levels (sell-in, sell-through, fill-in, sell-out). Meanwhile, POS Promotion/Events is a high-performance, broad-based department for all kinds of staffed promotions. 

Our conceptual and operational services are based on the unique marketing/sales expertise of the other COMBERA divisions.

Thanks to this expertise, we know how the whole marketing chain works in practice. We are also familiar with the interfaces and critical issues in marketing and sales, and are able to find creative solutions – from one-off activities to an overall concept, from strategy to creative design and from implementation to production.

POS Marketing. Shopper Marketing. POS Promotion/Events.

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Increasing brand awareness and activating shoppers to purchase using strong visibility, clear orientation, and emotionalizing the brand at the POS.

As a POS marketing specialist, we develop sales-oriented and creative POS promotions for all levels of the marketing chain, no matter what product segment or sales channel. 

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The only German award for successful and innovative POS marketing of European importance. An award from the POS Marketing Association e.V. (POSMA).

  • 2017 BRONZE: OMV
  • 2015 SILVER: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2014 GOLD: BRITA®
  • 2014 BRONZE: BRITA®
  • 2011 BRONZE: Paramount
  • 2010 BRONZE: Kleenex
  • 2009 BRONZE: Mövenpick
  • 2009 BRONZE: Breitsamer
  • 2008 BRONZE: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 SILVER: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 BRONZE: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2007 SILVER: Chiquita
  • 2006 SILVER: Kleenex
  • 2001 SILVER: 12Move
  • 2001 BRONZE: Shell Optimax

POPAI "Point of Purchase Advertising International" Award is the only global, not for profit industry association exclusively advocating for excellence in shopper marketing and retail experience.


  • 2018 BRONZE: OMV

display Superstar
The award of the display publishing house for the German POS marketing industry.

  • 2016 BRONZE: COMPO GmbH

The Innovation Award of the German Printing industry.

  • 2014 GOLD: Kaeserei Champignon

German Sales Promotion Prize
Important award for successful sales promotion measures of the Berufsverband der Verkaufsförderer und Trainer e.V. (BDVT), awarded since 2008.

  • 2008 GOLD: Ritter Sport
  • 2008 SILVER: Hacker-Pschorr
  • 2008 BRONZE: Chiquita
  • 2007 SILVER: Chiquita
  • 2006 SILVER: Kleenex
  • 2005 SILVER: Fürstenberg
  • 2002 SILVER: Wasa
  • 2001 SILVER: Shell

Effi Award Austria

The Effie Awards are among the most highly regarded and coveted awards in the world for advertising and market communication.

2008 BRONZE: Chiquita

The POS marketing specialist with the entire range of services provided by a full-service advertising agency, supplemented by the unique marketing and sales know-how of all the COMBERA divisions!

Integrated product marketing – from pure sales in the desired sales channels and sell-through on the outlet level to sell-out to the shopper – that’s what our business is all about!

As a POS marketing specialist, we develop sales-oriented and creative POS promotions for all levels of the marketing chain, no matter what product segment or sales channel.


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COMBERA POS Promotion/Events offers all kinds of staffed promotions as an essential part of the marketing mix for brands in the industrial and retail sectors. 

Our solution: Advice (both conceptual and operational) tailored to our clients’ needs, including precise preparation, professional execution, multistep quality assurance and prompt reporting. With our extensive pool of staff, we can guarantee implementation of your campaign throughout Germany – whatever your chosen sales channel and product category.


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