The POS marketing specialist with the entire range of services provided by a full-service advertising agency, supplemented by the unique marketing and sales know-how of all the COMBERA divisions!

That’s how we know the crucial points where marketing and sales intersect, how the entire marketing chain works in practical terms, and how to find creative solutions: from the individual promotion to the overall concept, from the strategy of creative design and realization to production.


Know-how and services in detail:


  • POS marketing strategies
  • Pre-tests for products and campaigns (store checks, store tests, eye tracking)


  • Commercial communication (key-account presentations, trade ads)
  • Retail motivation (merchant incentive programs and merchant incentives)


  • Retail sales documents (sales folders, merchant mailings)
  • Distribution sales documents (sales and shop manuals)


  • POS communication (POS advertising materials, ads, posters, brochures, online, digital signage, social media)
  • POS display (promotional, semi-permanent, permanent) POS visibility (shelf/special placement, category placements, shop-in-shop solutions) POS launch and relaunch
  • POS promotion (seasonal, theme, loyalty, online, tailor-made, personal and event promotions, sampling campaigns)
  • Promotion mechanisms (couponing, cross-link, contests, hard selling, in-packs and on-packs, extras, strategic cooperations)
  • POS media (consulting, conception and planning)


  • Measuring efficiency of the promotion

Special Services:

  • 360° networking: Integration of POS marketing campaigns into all relevant communication disciplines (ATL, ambient media, outdoor advertising, dialog marketing, public relations, online, social media)
  • Handling: Campaign insurance, contest and response handling
  • Logistics: Packaging, storage, shipping
  • POS know-how: Workshops and training sessions

The heart of sales promotions is the POS,since that is where over 70% of purchasing decisions are made.

COMBERA understands POS marketing as complete integration of all communication activities to accelerate sales success efficiently and effectively at the POS and to increase loyalty both to the brand and to the place where it is sold.

This means that a communicative networking of all ideas, promotions, and advertising materials, which support retail in the sell-through, simultaneously encourage the shopper’s needs, and lead to the act of purchase.

Today and in the future, this means an expansion of competencies in many additional communication and marketing disciplines.

With our 360° competence, we help you extend your POS marketing campaign in all relevant communication disciplines and develop appropriate measures.


360° communication

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