COMBERA POS Sales is a sales specialist with 40 years’ experience in Germany. We are a leading sales support agency.

We can take care of whatever staffed activities may be needed to help implement sales and marketing concepts in the industrial and retail sectors.

Whether you require single services or packages, our large, channel-specific sales forces, teams of merchandisers and mystery shoppers can help to execute tactical measures and achieve strategic goals throughout Germany.

State-of-the-art information technology ensures that POS logistics processes run smoothly. Our mystery shoppers supply reliable analyses.


 We offer all three outsourcing models to cater for every need and offer legal certainty:

  •       Freelancers
  •       Contracted employees on the basis of a contract of work and labor
  •       Contracted employees on the basis of a contract on the temporary provision of labor

Your requirements / Our solution:

  •       Maximum flexibility
  •       Know-how gained through years of experience
  •       Extensive, diverse pool of staff
  •       Cost savings of up to 40%


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We facilitate temporary, tactical activities for a range of channels centring around:

  • Temporary Sales Drives
  • Flex Force
  • Mobile Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping

    Highly flexible teams for all sorts of projects – from short-term contracts to regular jobs and from ever-changing spot markets to fixed universes. We use the very latest sales tools and valid outlet data. Daily reports guarantee that your project is completed successfully.


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Specialist in performing temporary sales drives in grocery retail and specialized trade combined with our experience in C-stores and HoReCa.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Supporting product launches
  • Establishing and expanding distribution channels
  • Providing territory representatives and cover for vacancies
  • Rapid entry into new sales territories
  • Temporary expansion of your sales force


Ideal for activities covering a set period of time and/or region and for complex outlet support in a wide range of sales channels, where our services are also a cost-effective option.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Efficient itineraries thanks to optimised sales territories
  • Regular support by permanent sales representatives who already work in the territory in question
  • From one-off visits to selected seasonal or regional activities
  • Existing outlet knowledge


We are here to support your sales staff by providing all sorts of POS-related services for any channel.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Category management and layout optimisation
  • Ordertaking
  • POS displays and out-of-home advertising
  • POS support
  • POS-logistics
  • Alterations, updates and refurbishments
  • Setting up secondary, promotional and display structures
  • Replenishment and shelf optimisation


Using defined criteria, we check whether the POS meets objective requirements and is customer-oriented. This is essential for shoppers to choose the product and POS activities to generate a large number of sales.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Compliance checks
  • Distribution records and analyses
  • Analysing the competitionPreiserhebungen
  • Price surveys
  • Shelving and shop floor reports
  • SWOT analyses for product placements
  • Checking how well sales staff provide service/advice


The reliable partner for: telephone sales, support when introducing new products to the market, check calls for product availability, CATI field research, arranging appointments for sales representatives, consulting, information, or customer inquiries. 

Ability to reach clients throughout Germany using all modern media channels. 

Needs-based, meaningful reporting on specific outlets and groups of marketing intermediaries.

COMBERA Tele Selling offers solutions for all kinds of tasks, either on its own or in conjunction with other COMBERA divisions.

Concepts are developed and implemented individually, but always draw on our extensive, wide-ranging experience of sales. From regional activities to national roll-outs, our trained call handlers and specialist back-office staff are here to help achieve your telesales targets.


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The essential element of sales success is a sales organization that is qualified, both continuously and systematically.

We train, you profit

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We look forward to receiving your calls and questions. 

POS Sales

Matthias Christoffel
Managing Director
POS Sales

+49 89 55107-0

COMBERA GmbH | Chiemgaustraße 148 | 81549 Munich, Germany