COMBERA Sales Training

With its range of training modules, COMBERA Sales Training offers systematic, integrated training for the whole sales team – from sales assistants to managers:

Sales training

Sales training brings theory and practice together in a targeted fashion. We will give your employees comprehensive expertise covering every area of sales. Our training modules are individually designed for junior and senior staff.
They all have the same aim: making your team members true professionals.

Management training

Transforming skilled professionals into managers who are well-equipped to take responsibility for employees, processes and corporate targets. We will enhance your managers’ methodical and social skills to make sure they are fully prepared to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Our aim here is to develop individuals with high potential.

Team building

In sales, each individual’s performance is not the only thing that matters. The capabilities and success of the whole team are far more important. We develop team-building courses and seminars which are tailored specifically to your requirements
Our aim here is to ensure efficient teamwork.


We have developed a computer-based course to deliver basic training and continuing professional development and safeguard quality over the long term. As well as sharing knowledge, e-learning is a means of checking whether training has been successful and ensuring that the content of the course are put into practice.