Specialist in performing temporary sales drives in grocery retail and specialized trade combined with our experience in C-stores and HoReCa.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Supporting product launches
  • Establishing and expanding distribution channels
  • Providing territory representatives and cover for vacancies
  • Rapid entry into new sales territories
  • Temporary expansion of your sales force


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Flex Force

Ideal for activities covering a set period of time and/or region and for complex outlet support in a wide range of sales channels, where our services are also a cost-effective option.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Efficient itineraries thanks to optimised sales territories
  • Regular support by permanent sales representatives who already work in the territory in question
  • From one-off visits to selected seasonal or regional activities
  • Existing outlet knowledge


Mobile Merchandising

We are here to support your sales staff by providing all sorts of POS-related services for any channel.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Category management and layout optimisation
  • Ordertaking
  • POS displays and out-of-home advertising
  • POS support
  • POS logistics
  • Alterations, updates and refurbishments
  • Setting up secondary, promotional and display structures
  • Replenishment and shelf optimisation


Mystery Shopping

Using defined criteria, we check whether the POS meets objective requirements and is customer-oriented. This is essential for shoppers to choose the product and POS activities to generate a large number of sales.

Your Requirements / Our Solution:

  • Compliance checks
  • Distribution records and analyses
  • Analysing the competition
  • Price surveys
  • Shelving and shop floor reports
  • SWOT analyses for product placements
  • Checking how well sales staff provide service/advice



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POS Sales

Thoralf Brendel
Division Manager
Temporary Sales 

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